École Public de Konkolré

Students and Teachers

This school serves 139 boys and 130 girls ages 6 to 13 for a total enrollment of 269 students. The school offers grades one through six.

The headmaster of the school (featured in photo on left) is the only full-time teacher at this school. Parents volunteer when they can, but that leads to inconsistency in the children’s education. Which leaves one person to educate 269 students in 5 “classrooms” most school days.

Challenges Faced Everyday

The school holds an average of 62 students from grades 1 through 4. After fourth grade, the enrollment drops significantly. From 67 students in grade four to 24 students in grade 5, only about a third of their students remain in school after fourth grade. 

It is not unusual to see this high rate of dropout after fourth grade as most kids need to enter the working world to earn income for their family. Leaving only 15 boys and 9 girls in grade 5 at this school. This school holds a relatively even enrollment between boys and girls in grades 1 through 4. However, it is evident here girls dropout at a higher rate than boys.

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