École Public Garoua 3

Students and Teachers

This school serves 442 boys and 483 girls ages 6 to 13. The school day is split between two groups as they can only facilitate half their students at one time. The school offers grades one through six and determine the two groups based on grades.

With only 11 teachers, the teacher to student ratio is 1:41. And with only 7 classrooms, there are around 65 students per classroom.

Challenges Faced Everyday

The teachers state their greatest challenge is the limited space for all their students. The classrooms are too crowded leading the children to lose focus and forcing the teachers to spend more time trying to control the kids than being able to teach them. Proper resources and facility leads to better focus and allows the teachers to perform their job, teaching.

The dropout rate is very high at this school. Boys tend to start dropping out at age 10 as they often need to find work to earn income for their family. Due to lack of resources, limited to no effort can be made to work to return these children to school. 

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