Our Story

Tomorrow Education was founded in 2020 by Blaise Mbargorba on the belief that a quality education should be available to all children. A quality education begins with the teachers but is limited by their surroundings. Cameroon has motivated teachers and students, but their education is handicapped by the lack of school buildings to accommodate all students and foster a culture of learning. Through Tomorrow Education, we look to give children hope and the educational tools they need for a brighter future for both them, their communities, and country.

Blaise grew up in Northern Cameroon the youngest of eight in his family. His father, a significant source of inspiration to him, was a local physician and a highly respected member of their community. As a child, Blaise loved the game of soccer. That all changed when a gentleman named Joe Touomou visited his town introducing basketball. Blaise quickly switched sports and excelled at basketball. He caught Joe’s attention who then helped him attain a scholarship to a private school in New Jersey.  

Blaise attended school in Cameroon until the age of fifteen when he then traversed to the United States to attend high school in New Jersey.  As a 2012 graduate of the Peddie School in Highstown, NJ; Blaise started his collegiate basketball career at Southern Methodist University playing at the division 1 level. After suffering a shoulder injury his first year, he transferred to Boston University where he continued his basketball career and received his Bachelors Art of Science in Sociology and is a candidate for a Masters in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. In 2016, Blaise attended a training camp for the Cameroonian national basketball team. Due to other commitments, he was unable to play for the team long-term.

Through one of his travels back home, he was conversing with a family friend about a project he started to improve the conditions of a local school. Blaise then visited a couple of local schools and was reminded of the deplorable conditions most children of Cameroon must endure to receive an education. He left those schools knowing he must do something. Blaise knows how fortunate he has been to have had an astounding education. He has made it his life’s mission to improve school conditions back home in hopes of providing a better future for the children of Cameroon through education.