It’s Raining… in the School!

For 7-8 months of the year, it is rainy season in Cameroon. With poorly constructed schools that have random cuts of metal plates for roofing, it always leads to a leaky roof. Disrupting the school day, students and teachers hustle to move the desks and huddle in what part of the roof that isn’t leaking leading to even less space for all the students to learn.

Although I have characterized this as a leaky roof but as you can see in the below video, it is much more than a leak. It is a torrential downpour in the school. Think back to when something happened at school (fire alarm drill, toilet overflowing, Billy and Susie having another argument in the cafeteria) and how much that disrupted the school day. It was hard to focus after and even harder for the teachers to reel you back in. Imagine dealing with a deluge on a regular bases IN your school. A solid building will lead to a school that can withstand rainy season and allow the students to remain focused on school.

The video below is of the École public Garoua 3 school. This issue does not only afflict this school, but is an issue for all public schools in Cameroon.

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